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Drugdealer Collaborate With Kate Bollinger On New Single ‘Pictures Of You’

Drugdealer further develop their 60s and 70s infused sound with their new single ‘Pictures of You’.

It is their third release of the year, following their previous singles ‘Madison’ and ‘Someone to Love’.

‘Pictures of You’ sees Drugdealer’s frontman and primary songwriter Michael Collins let folk-pop singer Kate Bollinger of Ghostly International take care of the lead vocals.

Speaking about the track, Collins says “I was on the East Coast visiting my parents when my publisher suggested a possible writing session with Kate. When I got there, we became friends really quickly and ended up writing this song at Spacebomb Studios. The whole experience was really spur of the moment and organic.”

Bollinger adds: “Michael and I wrote this song last summer on a day when he was stopping through Virginia. We stayed up late drinking with my roommate and went to my friend’s studio the next day to make some music together. I went upstairs and took a nap and in the meantime, while I was sleeping, he had written the music and melody to ‘Pictures of You’.

Read an exclusive interview with Kate Bollinger in the latest issue of the CLUNK Zine here:

“When I woke up, we wrote the lyrics and finished the song together. I’ve always approached lyrics in isolation and writing this song showed me a whole other way of making music with someone else. A month after becoming friends with Michael, I visited him in Los Angeles for the first time and decided I wanted to live there, so it feels special having this song come out a month after my move to Los Angeles, a year after we wrote it.”

On listening to the track, you can tell that the collaboration is genuine, and that the pair have an excess of musical chemistry that shines through. Bollinger’s vocals perfectly fit the mellow, laidback instrumental of the song, with its intricate guitar work and steady drums.

‘Pictures of You’ is the final track to be released in advance of Drugdealer‘s forthcoming album ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’, which will be released on October 28th 2022 via Mexican Summer. It follows their last full-length album, ‘Raw Honey’.

Listen to ‘Pictures of You’ here: