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Dude Safari release grunge infused new single ‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’

The alt-rock outfit Dude Safari from Surrey have come charging out the gates with their riff heavy, hook laden, bombastic single ‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’. It follows a string a successful single releases that has seen the band receive praise from other press outlets and radio play. They even found themselves in the ‘New In Rock’ Playlist on Apple Music.

The track kicks off with the echoed vocals of frontman Jamie Tipson, who boldly declares “I’m no good at any sports”. This is quickly followed with a crushing guitar and wild percussion, creating an all encompassing rock n roll sound. It’s fast paced and high octane, two vital elements necessary to create rock music, something that Dude Safari have mastered. Whatsmore is that the lyrical content is delightfully tongue in cheek, taking swipes at the age old question of “what sports do you play” from the ever masculine member of society or uncle.

Speaking on the track Jamie Tipson says: “‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’ is about the English tradition of men asking what sports you’re into and winging it with small talk. I’m awful at all sports, so I decided to write a song about questioning where you fit into this world as an artist but only using sporting phrases and terms. The ending ‘Yeah I’m done, I’m done and dusted’ doesn’t mean I’ve had enough, it’s an an acceptance that I can write a song but I can’t whip a ball into the box.”

If you’re looking to get your fill of riff centres guitar music then Dude Safari have you covered, this is breakneck rock n roll for those who want to headbang the day away.

Listen to ‘I’m No Good (At Any Sports)’ here:

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