Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Alcopop! Records

After releasing ‘Positive Rising: Part 1’ two years ago, DZ Deathrays are now completing this two part project with the aptly titled ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’. Designed to be listened to as a direct follow on from part 1, ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’ has its eyes set firmly on the guitar with the riff being the focus point.

The energy of DZ Deathrays comes bursting through the speakers from the first song. Tracks such as ‘All Or Nothing’ and ‘Fear The Anchor’ sees DZ Deathrays turn everything up to 11 and hammer out their brand of grunge garage rock. Almost like The Vines or Nirvana mixed with Japandroids with grungy, heavy, distorted verses giving way to beautifully pop choruses. ‘Kerosene’ comes soon after, borrowing the power pop stylings and drowsy, gravely vocals of bands such as Beach Slang. Next track ‘Fired Up’ teases you in with the sort of rock that Death By Unga Bunga blessed us with earlier this year. Soon, the track explodes into a grand pomp rock track with strings included.

Aside from the music, DZ Deathrays (or more particularly vocalist Shane Parsons) are making sure the lyrics count and aren’t just straight forward love songs. With lyrics such as “get off the internet/ turn down the noise” and “I’m hoping for a positive rising / Capsized but the tide is turning” DZ Deathrays have a lot to say and with music this bruising, they command your attention.

Although this is a “second part”, ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’ also works as a stand alone record. With their brutal blend of rock, grunge and power pop makes DZ Deathrays a force to be reckoned with.

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