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Kieran Webber

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

These Glaswegian Indie starlets have come bursting out on the scene and already made quite the impact. After a successful 2021, with a litany of single releases and memorable live shows, they’ve bagged themselves a support slot on Cassia‘s upcoming tour.

Now the Scottish outfit has released their debut EP, a stunning collection of indie-pop bops that are as bright and fun as the artwork. There is an artistic theme of bright, bouncy, and fun throughout their aesthetic they’re creating, this is in abundance within the music as well. It’s a delightful experience, especially in these darker British winter months.

The EP opens with the sugar coated ‘cherry lemonade’, a soaring indie-pop anthem. From the go, Easy Days charm is on full show, it’s almost impossible to not fall into the bands warm embrace.

The band don’t let up with the upbeat ‘L-O-V-E’, a track that is beaming in good vibes. Jangly guitars dance around leadsinger Ryan’s vocals, creating a real warmth throughout the track.

Following track ‘i don’t even mind’ is another charming track that boasts the bands continuous ability to write earworms. The chorus is delightfully infectious and is hung on a hook so large, king kong could hang his coat off it.

Tying the EP up in a nice bow is the title track ‘play it again’, a thumping end to what is one of the most fun filled sonic journey’s I have had so far in 2022.

Easy Days have an incredible ability to blend the sounds of the 80’s with modern indie, it’s almost a reimagining of the genre. Although only a four track EP there is much on show throughout ‘Play It Again’, it’s masterful musicianship and songwriting. Keep your eyes on these Scottish lads, they’re going far.

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