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London Based Alt-Indie Band Echo Hotel Return With Their Deeply Honest, Raw, And Emotive new Single ‘Hives’

The London based alt-indie band Echo Hotel has returned with the superbly brilliant new single ‘Hives’, a track that boasts the band’s ability to wear their heart on their sleeve. It’s another track in the bands back catalogue that further boasts them as an exciting new talent.

‘Hives’ opens with soft, yet moody vocals of frontman Ed Hambley, this slowly transcends into a wave of subtle guitar plucks and gentle percussion. It’s a real wavy experience that for over 3 minutes transports you into Ed’s world. The songwriting is wonderfully honest and relatable, as it talks through the after affects of a breakup, divulging the anxieties, heartache and pain surrounding such an experience. It’s an incredibly honest account that makes their songwriting shine. As the track comes to an end harmonious vocals clash with the band in full swing, whilst jazz infused saxophone seeps through, leading to a tender end.

The track is quite the rollercoaster, taking you through dips and dives of emotive songwriting. However, it’s a wonderful journey to be taken on and is a real show of songwriting brilliance from the young band.

Listen to ‘Hives’ here:

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