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London’s Ella Bee returns with self produced second single ‘Underwater’

‘Underwater’ is the second self produced single from singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Ella Bee. From the opening strains it has the sort of softly plucked guitar that wouldn’t be out of place in a dreamy indie record but ‘Underwater’ is much more than that. Ella Bee’s smooth jazz-like vocals float through the air while the track meanders through dream pop and indie to take you on a journey through this five minute gem.

Ella says of ‘Underwater’: “it explores how sometimes goals seem impossible to reach, drifting further away from where you want to be but knowing that you’re ready to prove yourself as a confident, independent woman who can do anything she sets her mind to”.

This sentiment is mirrored in the tone and the progression of the song, starting in a dream-like fashion and steadily growing surer of itself and bolder.

As ‘Underwater’ draws to its end and the sounds that have been swirling around build up and the drums take a beating, the swell takes over and creates a gigantic ending befitting the song. ‘Underwater’ is about as sure footed as you can get in an artist’s early days. With a smooth angelic voice in the verses and powerful vocals in the chorus, Ella Bee demands you pay attention and with songs like ‘Underwater‘ it’s hard not to.

Listen to ‘Underwater’ here:

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