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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The Australian artist Ella Gilbert has just dropped her swaying, soulful new single ‘Come Over’. As expected it’s a swaying R&B track that is layered in silky smooth tones and soft yet mesmerising vocals.

The track takes a deep dive into the emotions around falling in love and the difficulties that can come with, something that we all can relate too. This stunning, journal like track is delivered by Gilberts beautiful vocals that cover the listener in a warm blanket. It’s hard not to find yourself melting into the warm embrace of Ella. Her music is nothing short of stunning.

‘Come Over’ opens with subtle plucks of a guitar that is quickly chased up by Ella’s emotive and gentle vocals, it’s a spellbinding experience that draws you right into her music. For the next three minutes you will be under her spell as her soft vocals surround you, it’s an incredible sonic experience. Before you know it, the track has finished and your left heartbroken but delightfully satisfied.

Ella Gilbert is only three singles deep but she’s already proving herself to be outshining her peers, thanks to her raw yet infectious songwriting. There is no doubt that Ella is going to be making a real dent in the Australian music scene in no time. Don’t sleep on Ella, she’s going to be a household name.

Listen to ‘Come Over’ here:

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