Elliot Orban
Elliot Orban

Born In the Midlands but now residing in Falmouth. Currently studying at Falmouth University. Has a delightful passion for music that is blossoming in his new home, Cornwall.

The second single from Falmouth-based band, Enabling Behaviour, provides punk perfection as they continue to show promise

Falmouth’s Enabling Behaviour has returned with the riotous new single ‘Bad Faith’, following their debut single ‘Vanishing Act’.

‘Bad Faith’ comes out the gate at breakneck speed, creating a head rattling experience. This explosive opening is then backed by the monotone and lethargic vocals which spew out some clever lyricism such as “and you try to solve the riddle, but the answers have no name”. Like the first single, it’s a lot of low-end within the sound production and it’s really gelled together well. Right through the middle of the track a electrifying guitar solo tears through the noise, it is perfectly positioned.

Enabling Behaviour‘s pull is that they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel of punk, but instead follow the guidelines and subtly implement unique selling points that really differentiate them from other punk bands. A great example of this is Liz’s vocal. It’s super peculiar and something you don’t hear enough of in music as it works so well. Within ‘Bad Faith’, their voice is more camouflaged within the mix and yet it still stands out for all the right reason.

Enabling Behaviours unique production aesthetic can be heard in both songs and that’s super important due to music being such a saturated market full of promising talent. The ability to be able to differentiate yourself from other artists is a talent and the whole production is top tier. It’s great to see when a band knows their strengths and plays to them overtly with confidence and Enabling Behaviour do just that.

Listen to ‘Bad Faith’ here:

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