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Grace Busby

Have lived in Cornwall for 4 years now and am low-key scared of the sea, but also couldn’t imagine not being able to sit and look at it. My first taste of proper live music was at Boardmasters in 2017, where I got greedy and decided I wanted the rest of my life to have beach vibes but also be full of music, art and culture. 

Label: Modern Sky

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Belfast-based noise-punk band Enola Gay just dropped their sophomore EP ‘Casement’, produced by Johnny Hostile, following a monumental summer run. This included dominating the stage at Chicago’s Riot Fest with Jehnny Beth, the captivating frontwoman of English rock band Savages.

Their debut EP ‘Gransha’ focused on the members’ frustration and anger towards the government, being fucked over by the rich, and the rugby rape trial of 2018. Enola Gay have not disappointed with ‘Casement’, continuing to use their voice to communicate both the rage and grief many feel towards the state of the political climate today.

Track 1Leeches is HEAVY, bringing the angst and energy we have come to expect from previous releases, then launching it at us Molotov cocktail style. Echoey guitar and vocals make the track an all-encompassing experience, with no breaks and no breathing space.

Vocalist Fionn Reilly seems angry at the world, and rightfully so, when you look at the state of it. The lyric “Government that’s full of bigots see a population made up of digits” is the underlying sentiment.

Leeches is the anarchic, speaking of truth that punk was established on, and highlights Enola Gay as a band with proper soul and grit.  Go and see Leeches live if you want to be absolutely obliterated in back-to-back mosh pits (you do).

Track 2PTS.DUP pulls focus to sectarian violence, something unfortunately experienced firsthand by the Northern Irish band members. This slamming of the Democratic Unionist Party is an intense explosion of sound, building and layering into a brain-shattering cloud of bass.

It is adrenaline-fueled and screaming to be heard. The real edge of this song comes from guitarist Joe McVeigh, whose screeching high notes bring urgency and reveal more of the band’s electronica influence.

Enola Gay seemingly refuse to be pigeonholed by genre, and have proved their versatility on ‘Casement’ with the two-part track ‘terra-firma’. Straying far from expectations, track 3 ‘terra’ is a stripped back, acoustic, folk musing. Reilly’s vocals reverberate in the chest and soul, and despite being their most simple track, ‘terra’ is extremely atmospheric.

Without warning, this then flows seamlessly into part two ‘firma’, made in collaboration with Belfast-based producer and Berghain legend, Mount Palomar. There is a certain sinister edge to folk music, which is given action and momentum by the spinning bass of ‘firma’.

terra’ lures you in and sparks the conversation, ‘firma’ grabs you and lights the passion behind it. It’s flowing and immersive; Radiohead’s ‘Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi’ at a Berlin basement set.

Catch Enola Gay at the following:

Mash House, Edinburgh – 14th November
15th Nov – Room 2, Glasgow – 15th November
Adelphi, Hull – 16th November
Key Club, Leeds – 17th November
Crofters Rights, Bristol – 18th November
Le Pub, Newport – 21st November
YES (Pink Room), Manchester – 22nd November
Underworld, London – 23rd November
Green Door Store, Brighton – 24th November
Joiners Arms, Southampton – 25th November
UBU, Rennes – 27th November
Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing – 28th November
Le Point Éphémère, Paris – 29th November
Trix Cafe, Antwerp – 30th November
De Gudde Wellen, Luxembourg – 2nd December
Bumann & Sohn, Cologne – 4th December
Hafenklag (Goldener Salon), Hamburg – 6th December
Badehaus, Berlin – 7th December

Listen to ‘Casement’ here:

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