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George Ward

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Ahead of their upcoming debut album, Bristol/Cornwall indie band Factor 50 release their second single, ‘Chips’, a loveable and charming end-of-summer love song

Factor 50 are one of the most exciting new bands on the indie scene right now, known for typically lively gigs and now two excellent singles. Following last year’s banger ‘Fetusman‘, Chips’ is a more mellow but equally fun track.

You can’t help but smile listening to Chips’. Its lyrics are incredibly sweet and simple and Eddie Akers’ voice compliments them perfectly. There is a lovely innocence to lines like “all I wanna do is go to the beach, and watch the seagulls eating chips”. The track is filled with simple pleasure like this and it makes you really appreciate the smallest special details of the start of a relationship. 

Instrumentally, the track matches this energy and is just as fun. From Patrick Welsh’s arpeggiating synths to Tom Oliver’s gorgeous saxophone outro, it’s a deceptively layered track. However, the mix never feels crowded and the different elements come together to create a beautifully warm sound altogether. 

Chips’ is such a sunny, romantic and loveable track that it should make you very excited for what’s to come next from Factor 50.

Factor 50’s debut is set for release in November 2022. 

Listen/watch ‘Chips’ here:

Catch Factor 50 at the following: 

CLUNK Zine 004 Launch Show at The Cornish Bank, Falmouth – 27th October (Supporting Opus Kink and Saloon Dion)

The Crown, Bristol (with The Velvet Hands) – 9th November

The Cornish Bank, Falmouth (with The Velvet Hands) – 10th November