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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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New York artist FAERIE dazzles with latest single ‘K-town’

Sometimes an artist has the ability to capture a listener’s ears, holding them in place for the duration of their magical soundscape. One said artist with this incredible power is FAERIE, an artist based in New York, USA. Her music floats through a variety of genres, through new and old. There are elements of retrospective that hint towards the enchanting sounds of Fleetwood Mac and more modern sounds that float within the bedroom pop sensibility. It’s a dazzling fusion and one that constantly delivers.

Her latest single ‘K-townis another shining example of her melting pot sound, further boasting her musical talent. We begin our musical journey with a quick percussion that bleeds into a sultry guitar line, backed with a groovy bassline that runs throughout. As the music embraces you FAERIE‘s ethereal vocals breeze through, bringing an aura of nonchalant. It truly whisks the listener to a place of pure relaxation and bliss, a place that is undeniably wonderful. Most impressive is the complete infectiousness of this track, all the elements come together to craft something exceptionally beautiful.

We’re still very early in FAERIE‘s career and tracks such as ‘K-town’ are leagues ahead of her peers. Keep your eye on this artist, she has huge potential.

Listen/watch ‘K-town’ here: