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London’s experimental outfit Fake Turins returns in infectiously cool fashion with the new single ‘Parcel Duchamp’

Fake Turins are one of the few bands that truly cannot be parcelled into one genre. It’s safe to say they merge a variety of sounds to create something that is very much their own. It’s this chameleon ability that the band harness (which is made up of 15 people) makes them so exciting, that and their ability to ooze swaggering cool in a way that would make Prince weep.

The past few years has seen the band release a string of successful singles, play a litany of memorable shows, and release their experimental powerhouse of an EP ‘Time Flowers Now’. The band have been hard at work creating a dent in the music world and 2022 is looking very similar.

They kick 2022 off with their most recent single ‘Parcel Duchamp’ (via Hideous Mink Records), a nonchalant sonic trip that is driven by Dominic Rose’s laid back vocal delivery. A smooth bass line dances eloquently in the backdrop, further installing Fake Turins as one of the country’s most cool- sounding bands. All the while an almost jazz like atmosphere is created around these two elements, leading to a frantic saxophone solo that rips through the middle of the track.

Speaking on the track Dominic Rose explains: “The track itself is an absurdist tale of identity – the feeling that comes from staring at yourself in the mirror for too long. From acknowledging all incarnations of you & how ridiculous that is to reconcile with the one now staring back at you. It works as a dadaist story of self, how we are formed from collected ideas & borrowed ideologies that stay unquestioned until that moment we lose ourselves in our own reflection.”

Listen to ‘Parcel Duchamp’ here:

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