Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Hideous Mink Records

‘Time Flowers Now’ is the debut EP from North London Collective Fake Turins. As a debut piece of work, the confidence strikes you from the very first time the music crashes in. The groove of opener ‘Stolen Parts’ draws you in as the bass and drums hypnotise you.

While the rhythm section lays the base for the track, guitar, synth, flute and saxophone are among the instruments swimming around over the top with a sense of freedom. The first track has almost a dark foreboding sound to it, half way through the track Fake Turins make it sound almost like a new song. With all of the instruments foregoing their previous stabbing approach, everything becomes looser and more joyous. This effortlessness when it comes to switching up the flow runs through the entirety of ‘Time Flowers Now’.

With the tightness of the way Fake Turins play but also the freedom with which they can improvise, it’s hard to believe ‘Time Flowers Now’ was recorded live. Each of the following tracks has the same feel as well with the rhythm section doing what it does best by setting the scene which allows the other members to experiment over the top.

The real beauty is when all of the members of Fake Turins come together to create one single wall of beautiful noise. ‘Down!’ and the ending of ‘Talking Prophets’ are perfect examples of this. Each of these tracks sees a different style touched on as well with ‘Down!’ being a bit more dance oriented and ‘Talking Prophets’ switching between indie and an almost experimental sound. The unifying feeling though is one of a collective of people with a single vision of how they want their music to sound and creating something beautiful.

‘Time Flowers Now’ may be experimental in some ways but it’s accessible in others and with all of the instruments and themes involved, it creates a project that you immediately want to see performed live. Watch Fake Turins because if this is only their debut, it’s going to be interesting to see where they can take this.

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