Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Section1

‘Break!’ is the latest EP from New Zealand singer/ producer/ multi-instrumentalist Amelia Murray, better known as Fazerdaze. Her first new music since 2017’s ‘Morningside’, ‘Break!’ was written during a three-month long lockdown in her home country which coincided with the break-up of a nine-year long relationship in her personal life. While Murray says that she used to keep her pain private, she says ‘Break!’ is her “breaking, shouting for help. Drawing a line and telling people around me that I’ve had enough.” This feeling is echoed in the title track with the watertight, bubbly garage rock laying the foundation for Murray’s sweet vocals repeating the refrain of “Something’s got to break, something’s got to give.” You can hear the freedom of the mental unloading in the buoyant sound of the track.

‘Winter’ changes things up slightly with the lazy, gentle electronic drum beat underpinning the subtle musical accompaniment to Fazerdazes’s beautiful layered vocals. ‘Thick of the Honey’ is yet another string to Fazerdaze’s bow. The thick bass sound and tight drum kit set an undeniable groove that Murray’s sultry vocals wind through. Part Queens of the Stone Age, part Black Honey, there’s a swagger and coolness to the track that seems to come naturally to Fazerdaze.

‘Come Apart’ and ‘Overthink It’ call it back to ultra slick bubble garage pop with lyrics that feel like they’re coming from a personal place. As an EP, ‘Break!’ does exactly what it should, it gets you excited about Fazerdaze as an artist and instantly makes you want to listen to more. Calling in a few genres to the fold, Fazerdaze ties it all together with her lyrics by way of therapy and music that has a beauty and charm to it that is undeniable.