Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Permanent Creeps

After a three year absence, Swedish four piece Francobollo are back with their new E.P. ‘Good Buy’. In their self imposed hibernation, Francobollo have built a recording studio in West Ham and decided to record, mix and produce ‘Good Buy’ themselves. With only themselves to answer to, their new EP feels like it’s a project that lets Francobollo be as weird and wild as they want.

‘Good Buy’ starts innocently enough with ‘PayDay’, a softly played indie pop tune. The light drums, synth and jangly guitar mask a song that is about a disdain for the need for money. Lyrics such as “You’re working away, same fucking thing every day, talk money on your lunch break” are spat over a tune that could soundtrack a day at the beach. It doesn’t take long for Francobollo to get a little weird. Second track ‘Good Buy’ plays more like an art piece. With a minimalist backing of a repetitive guitar and bass over various random sound effects, the lyrics seem to show frustration at the modern world and selling yourself, “make a quick stunning fix, get some clicks, social media bullshit”. With the refrain of “buy our shit” repeated over the strange backing, it certainly forces the point home. Not long after ‘Good Buy’ fades out, ‘Modern Life Is Getting Old’ saunters in with a hip hop beat over sweat xylophone and acoustic guitar. With a sound that has the same laid pop take on indie as Eels, it’s just another string to Francobollo’s bow. The rest of the EP shares the same kind of “anything can happen” approach as the 70’s style punky blues of ‘Are You Content’ gives way to the happy trip hop sound of ‘Bad Luck’.

Sounding more like a compilation than a EP with a narrative, Francobollo have clearly taken the chance to explore different genres and make the music that they’re feeling. While it may not be cohesive in a traditional sense, Francobollo aren’t exactly the most traditional sounding bands. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait three years until the next release.

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