Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Sisterhood Records

‘Beast’ is the debut album from Freya Beer and she has taken the last year or so in lockdown to concentrate her energy on her first record.

Starting with the title track, the prowling drums and bass set the groundwork for Freya’s sweet vocals. The chorus explodes into widescreen before retreating back to the ominous bass and drums. From the outset, Freya’s sound settles somewhere between Wolf Alice and Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the brooding, dark nature of the music coupled with a sugar sweet vocal. ‘The Calm Before The Storm’ and ‘Forget It’ carry on that dark goth-like rock tinged with an almost desert vibe. ‘Secret Garden’ comes in like a siren song with the guitar covered in reverb and Freya’s dusky tone. When the rest of the band join in, they are pushed back in the mix with an echoey sound, giving you the impression that you’re watching them perform in some smoky club. As the guitar rings out, ‘Arms Open Wide‘ slides back in to the desert garage sound that peppers it’s way through the album.

With a raw production, ‘Beast’ brings in a few genres to create a sound that is both ominous and beautiful. Rolling between thumping drums and bass to open sky choruses that feel like catching your breath after the dark verses, it all feels like it belongs under one banner. While the music may feel dark and gritty, Freya Beer’s vocals are sung beautifully giving a nice contrast. Freya has kicked off with a stunning debut LP with ‘Beast’, opening the doors for an expanding and interesting career.

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