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New Jersey’s FRND CRCL bring a fresh pop-punk sound to your ears with latest single ‘LIFEOFTHEPARTY’

In case you missed the memo, pop punk is back, although it never stopped it has been brought back into the mainstream thanks to artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, and even Willow Smith. However, the genre never really stopped and there are plenty of artists who have been crafting the sound no matter its popularity in the main world sphere. One said artist is the New Jersey based FRND CRCL, a collective that “aim to put the pop in pop punk by writing catchy songs that get stuck in your head for hours on end.” Their music has all the classic elements of pop punk, from the harmony led vocals to songs about teenage love. It’s all there and is proudly on show.

The latest single ‘LIFEOFTHEPARTY’ is the bands most explosive release yet and is arguably their most infectious, which when you dig into their back catalogue is no easy achievement. As the opening static of the track fades a deep bass draws in which quickly turns into a barrage of weighty guitar riffs and thumping percussion. It’s not long until the listener is overcome by the absolute pure meteoric weight of the track.

You can’t help but be transported back to the early 00’s when listening to FRND CRCL, their music instantly strikes up imagery of Blink 1.8.2., Simple Plan, Weezer, and Sum 41. It’s delightfully nostalgic yet strikingly infectious. If we’re experiencing a rebirth of the genre, I hope that FRND CRCL are leading the charge. They’re simply a fantastic band.

Listen to ‘LIFEOFTHEPARTY’ here:

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