Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: 777 Music

From the first bars of opener and title track ‘When You Walk Away part 1’, it’s clear that Brighton four piece FUR are here to bring good vibes and classic indie rock riffs. Bringing aspects of the Mersey sound, late 90’s indie and a little classic rock flavour, ‘When You Walk Away’ sounds both modern and a throwback and far more than you would expect of a debut album.

‘Anyone Else But Me’ practically exudes sunshine as FUR switch between the Beatles style verse to the jangling, bouncing chorus that will bring a smile to your face. This upbeat music lays at odds to the lyrics with the crowd pleasing chorus being about the feeling of not being quite as good as everyone else and wanting to be “anyone else but me”. To counterbalance this, ‘She’s The Warmest Colour In My Mind’ and ‘Love You All The Time are all out declarations of love. Musically, each song mirrors the lyrical sentiment with showers of major keys and upbeat drums. ‘What I Am’ is tinged with 50’s Americana in the vocal harmonies and chord progressions. As with most songs on ‘When You Walk Away’ though, FUR out their own spin on it and bring it right up to date.

‘When You Walk Away’ is an album full of songs that have depth and feeling. Each song feels carefully crafted and to this end, each song sounds full and ready to burst out of the speakers. FUR may be taking influence from the past but they are going to be a band to watch in the future.