Review | Fuzz Ghost – Fuzz Ghost EP

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Fuzz Ghost EP – Out Now Via Ongakubaka records

By Kieran Webber

Fuzz Ghost represents everything that is not available in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee in regards to the music he makes. Wanting to rebel against the country and western that is ever so popular where he is from he took to making fuzzed out, surf rock psychedelia an almost polar opposite.

Listen to Fuzz Ghost EP here:

In beautiful DIY style Fuzz Ghost or also known as Griffin Washburn recorded the whole EP in his dorm room.

The EP opens with ‘Sandy Bum’ a meaty track with a catchy riff that has the listener nodding the whole way through, the second song ‘Lost Mind’ really opens up to that SoCal sound it is the sort of track you would expect overhear at a californian beach.

As is similiar with ‘Dead Fish’ which follows that same surf rock freakout sound that is ever so popular on the West Coast, at this point though it is clear that Washburn knows how to write and play catchy music as it is an element that goes through all his music, if you aren’t humming his music then you will be tapping your foot to it.

The tempo slows down with ‘Eye’ and takes a heavier slower approach to rhetoric through the EP, still sounding ever as catchy but arguably the weakest track.

The closing track is however a fucking belter, the amps are turned to 11 and the fuzz pedal is in full effect, the hard hitting closer again shows us just what Washburn is capable of. From making surf rock downer pop to all out doom rock with a shredding solo towards the end.

Overall Washburn has at the very least created an EP that showcases just what he is capable of that he has many directions in which he can go. Listening to this EP was similar to the first time I heard Ty Segall of which there are similarities in music. I look forward to what Washburn will do in the future and I urge you all to keep a keen eye on him.