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The London based Gauss Gun return with bouncy new single ‘Runaway Trolley’

School is a place for firsts, good and bad. Many of us build founding memories that will last a lifetime in the playground, be that friendships or something else. It’s in these formative years that four friends came together and formed the band Gauss Gun. Their debut single ‘Simplicity Creek’ dropped back in 2019 and a lot has changed since then and the band have used this time to build on their sound. They now return in 2022 with their sophomore single ‘Runaway Trolley’, a cleaner, better produced indie rock ‘n’ roll belter.

‘Runaway Trolley’ blends a variety of influences from Green Day through to Bruce Springsteen. It’s a fun, bouncy single that shows the bands growth and maturity. The track takes no time in cementing its momentum, from the get go the energy is felt. This builds towards a delightfully catchy chorus that is backed by a flurry of guitars and hard hitting percussion. It’s a truly infectious release.

Speaking on the track the band explain: “‘Runaway Trolley’ is about looking back on a falling-out, realising it was for the best and that the other person had every right to go, but still letting yourself feel the necessary amount of bitterness to process the grief.”

Listen to ‘Runaway Trolley’ here:

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