Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Brace Yourself Records

Grandmas House is the debut EP from the Bristol based three piece of the same name. From opener ‘Golden’, ‘Grandmas House’ is as raw as it comes. With guitars that sound like a chainsaw at work and the gravely vocals of Yasmin Berndt, the passion is immediate.

In classic punk fashion, each track rarely lasts over the two minute mark and so after the anti-establishment blitz of ‘Golden’ with its refrain of “let me through the golden gates” burns out, it’s not long before ‘Girl’ creeps in with it’s slow burning bass. While it may start as a slow burner, it’s not long before the drums tear in and this ode to the queer experience will make you want to throw yourself around a sweaty mosh pit.

‘Feed Me’ finds Berndt singing about a hangover against a song that would only worsen any given hangover with its aggressive drums and ripsaw guitar sound. ‘Pasty’ rounds the EP out and, to my mind, is the only song written as a tribute to a pasty vendor with a one of a kind singalong of “pasties buy one get one free”.

Not the most conventional lyrically speaking but with Grandmas House old school aggro punk, it seems to just make sense. With their raw production, sarcasm tinged vocals and hard playing style, expect to see Grandmas House bringing down the house in a venue near you very soon.

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