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The North London based Happy Science returns with poetic new single ‘The Last Goodbye’

Having recently signed to Laundrette Records the North London based four piece Happy Science have released their latest cut ‘The Last Goodbye’. This follows the bands poignent, art post-punk debut track ‘Future Vertigo’, which has built up thousands of streams.

‘The Last Goodbye’ continues the bands biting sound that blends poetry with alt-rock, which creates a sound that sits similar to the likes of Yard Act and The Fall. It takes no time in asserting its dominance as the strikes of the guitar are backed by the scathing and somewhat biting vocals of Calum Connaughton. It’s a simple track in nature making it incredibly digestible, which is a skill due to the songs avant-garde punk poet approach.

Speaking on the track frontman Calum Connaughton explains: “A tale of deceit, the deceased, a depleting fleet, it’s all on repeat, story screamed and barked, guitars sharp as glass, bass trudging from the start, the last one at the bar.”

Happy Science are only two singles deep yet are proving themselves to be a sonic force to be reckoned with. Bringing forward intense lyricism that is delivered in a strong, confident manner, yet still maintaining a level of reliability and approachableness.

Listen to ‘The Last Goodbye’ here:

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