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George Ward

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London indie rock artist Harri Pick releases new single ‘Broke’: an honest and high energy banger

Coming from Somerset, Harri Pick has quickly become involved in London’s bustling music scene. After studying at the London College of Music, she started making a name for herself at gigs. But, as we all know, the brutal reality of London is its price. This track is dedicated to this cruel truth. 

The drums hit you first, with two slams sounding like a threatening bang on the door. Then the bass comes in, keeping momentum while Harri’s sarcastically optimistic vocals ride effortlessly on top. 

The chorus goes: “B-R-O-K-E cause I live in London” and is hard to argue with really. The song was born from Harri being completely broke and overpaying for a ridiculously small flat in London and the absurdness of this situation that so many choose comes through in her delivery and the track’s playful energy.

Much of the lyrical content comes from Harri’s own experiences and this makes such a universal experience seem more personal. She cleverly balances fun and honesty in ‘Broke’ and it makes for a fresh take on the genre alongside bands like Wet Leg and Dry Cleaning. 

Listen to ‘Broke’ here: