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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-released

Harri Pick is the 22 year old hailing from Somerset, but now residing in the bustling city of London. At a young age her debut EP is years beyond her peers. It’s an incredibly satisfying and confident release that boasts her vocals and songwriting ability.

The ‘Dying Youth’ EP opens with the hard hitting and lyrically poignent ‘Just Wait’. A rollercoaster of a track that builds pressure throughout, with moments of pure fiery energy. The Percussion comes crashing down whilst the guitar eloquently dances in the backdrop, all the while Harri’s vocals soar over the top. It’s an incredible opener that instantly pulls you in to Harri Picks music.

Following this is the softer and rambling single ‘Hellhole’, which is remiscent of Florence & The Machine, particularly in the vocals. In fact, Harri’s vocals are an ever impressive element to this EP, they’re forever reaching new heights and conveying emotion.

The softness continues with ‘X’s’, an acoustic lead number that shows th more vulnerable side to Harri Pick. Don’t be fooled though, as her vocals still harness glass-shattering power.

The EP jumps from strength to strength, with the highlight being title track ‘Dying Youth’. A track that blends a modern sound, similiar to Beabadoobee and Girl In Red mixed with a classic rock sound, almost Aerosmith at times. It’s a stadium ready track that sparks visions of people swaying in unison with lighters pointed towards the sky.

Closing the ‘Dying Youth’ off is ‘Hometown’, a sombre track that opens with a ethereal guitar, which opens up to the gentle vocals of Harri. It’s a fantastic finish to what is a stunning release. Boasting all the elements that make Harri Pick‘s music so great.

This is just the beginning of Harri’s journey and watching her grow as an artist is an incredibly exciting prospect. If her music continues to be of this calibre, then Harri is going to dominate the airwaves in the future.

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