Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

Hibou is the moniker for Paris resident Peter Michel and ‘Arc’ is his new EP and first work since the 2019 LP ‘Halve’.

A self-produced and self-engineered body of work, ‘Arc’ is a blissful collection of dream wave and alt-pop with Hibou performing all but the drums which is the work of Jase Ihler. Opening with ’Night Fell’ you are greeted with a guitar and synth pairing that wouldn’t sound out of place in an 80’s shoegaze classic. With pumping bass and driving drums providing the heartbeat for the song, Hibou’s vocals float effortlessly on top, bringing a Ben Gibbard quality to the mix. ‘June’ is a more wistful affair with the guitars swirling around like a gentle breeze on a hot day. Though the drums come alive in the middle eight, they allow the track to breathe and don’t rush matters. Hibou’s vocals once again fit in almost as a synth with the softness and vulnerability to them.

Erupting in a fuzzy haze, ‘Upon The Clouds You Weep’ switches from a My Vitriol style wall of grunge beauty to some floating surf-like indie and back again with the light and shade of each respective part forming a dream pop behemoth. To compliment the Gibbard-esque vocals, ‘Devilry’ has a hint of Death Cab For Cutie about it as the throbbing synth and creeping drums hints at 80’s synth wave while the breezy guitar lines and soft vocals create a soothing atmosphere.

‘Arc’ is a beautiful EP full of wistful pop and 80’s tinged gorgeousness. The only problem with an EP is that you’re left craving more!