Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Grand Jury

Texas duo Hovvdy were left with four tracks from the recording session of their 2021 full-length ‘True Love’. New EP ‘billboard for my feelings hopes to act as collage to piece together aspects of previous works.

Co-produced by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Nick Hackim, Bon Iver), the four track produces a more instrumentally upbeat disguise. Rhythmically driven, opener ‘Ruby is pushed along by a force recognised by one half of Hovvdy, Charlie Martin. “Writing it I had this propelling sensation, and I wanted the song to have that push to it” Martin explained, mentioning the influx of colour and melody thrown into one to track to create a sort of overwhelming sensation.

On ‘Everything’ a set of warm pop harmonies lead the chorus along with a bed of bouncy instrumentation. Lyrically, it’s open ended and bittersweet as Willy Taylor, the other half of Hovvdy, digs his heels into the ground to feel present. But then closer, ‘Town,’ does the opposite with it’s brooding interior, Hovvdy turning to feelings of reminiscence.