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Human Interest share sharp edged, guitar driven new single ‘Feel Good’ and announce ‘Desire Paths’ EP

The East-London band has just dropped the daringly infectious new single ‘Feel Good’, a lo-fi, guitar driven track that is oozing in cool. It’s the sort of single that makes you want to strut your stuff down the high street whilst simultaneously finger pointing at passing strangers. It’s delightfully cool and filled to the brim with a swaggering confidence. ‘Feel Good’ follows on previous releases such as the riotous ‘Spiced Apple’, and pulsing ‘ALIVE’.

The track opens with a hollow and room filling percussion that slides wonderfully into a striking guitar, leading the way for the reverb drenched vocals which take precedence throughout. It’s a sound reminiscent of early Ty Segall and other bands from the West Coast of America. A sound that can be enjoyed at home or in a live setting, it truly is contagious.

Speaking on the single lead guitarist Cat Harrison explains: “‘Feel Good’ is essentially a break up song trying to hide the fact that it is one. It’s really talking about the pressure that society puts on people to be in relationships. We’re afraid to be alone, yet some of the loneliest people you meet are in relationships. It’s a bit silly and cheesy, but so are people’s attitudes.”

The band formed in early 2020 but have already impressed the right people by being signed to Kissability (Courtney Barnett, Circa Waves) and supporting Self Esteem on her latest tour. It’s no surprise though, as you cannot help but love Human Interest and their brand of anthemic rock n roll that is just the right amount of sass and rawness.

Listen to ‘Feel Good’ here:

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