Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: SO Recordings

After a lengthy hiatus, Hundred Reasons were on the comeback trail, announcing a string of gigs to huge excitement. Unfortunately, covid got in the way and the gigs were postponed for a year. Rather than let that get them down, Hundred Reasons saw opportunity! When the band thought about using the time to write some new songs to play at the postponed gigs, little did they realise how well the sessions would go. So here we are with ‘Glorious Sunset’, a set of ten anthems that welcome a band back that has been gone for far too long.

Starting with the self-titled lead single, there is little time to waste with all of the Hundred Reasons trademarks on display; joyously heavy riffs and gigantic instantly singable choruses. An ode to his mother who passed from cancer, the emotion is raw and forms the centre pin for a passionate track. ‘New Glasses’ and ‘It Suits You’ carry on the trend of choruses that will live in your head rent free. With Colin’s powerful vocals and Larry’s sublime riffs, each song takes on a life of its own yet remains united in that unmistakable Hundred Reasons feel.

‘Replicate’ takes the foot off the accelerator for a moment as a solitary piano starts the track with Colin’s gorgeous vocal melodies. An orchestra soon joins the fold to build something beautifully powerful in a track that doesn’t rely on aggression to pack a punch. The beauty of ‘Glorious Sunset’ is that, despite being a band’s return from hiatus, this is no nostalgia trip. Rather, ‘Glorious Sunset’ is the sound of a band reborn. With riffs and melodies for days, songs like ‘So, So Soon’ borrow the energy from their early albums but create a sound that is gigantic yet beautiful. Hundred Reasons you have been missed, welcome back.