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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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ICEBERG returns with third single ‘Blood bank’ taken from her forthcoming ‘Swim’ EP

Charlotte Herzenberg is no stranger to the music industry, having already worked as a professional producer and songwriter for various studios, now she takes the mantle herself with new project ICEBERG. As well as creating her own musical project she has recently left the bustling streets of London for calmer pastures to the tree covered Adirondack Mountains in New York.

This move may have influenced her sound as latest single ‘Blood Bank’ has an airy breath of fresh air and a open atmosphere to it. Filling the gaps in this spacious single are the stunning vocals of Charlotte, which take lead throughout. All the while the guitars dance eloquently in the backdrop, subtly hanging in the backdrop, joined by the weighty percussion. All of this adds to deep emotional depth that is felt throughout this track. Charlotte’s songwriting and delivery somehow make ‘Blood Bank’ heavy and weightless at the sametime, it’s masterful stuff.

This is the third single from ICEBERG, taken from her forthcoming self-produced ‘Swim’ EP, and it is just an incline of her talent. There is no doubt that ICEBERG is going to become a known name very soon.

Listen to ‘Blood Bank’ here: