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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Pittsburgh, USA based band Jack Swing return with summery rock jam ‘Into The Sun’

Jack Swing first tickled our sweet little eardrums with their genre defying single ‘Get What’s Mine For You’. It came through with a wide sound that danced through multiple genres yet bound itself to none creating something that was wildly exciting. Since then the band has played countless shows in their home of Pittsburgh and released a variety of singles, including the most recent jam ‘Into The Sun’.

As hoped Jack Swing bring that rock n roll energy straight off the bat, with ‘Into The Sun’ opening with a shrieking guitar that quickly opens up to a catchy riff. Frontman Isaiah’s vocals burst through the musical seams, bringing forward his charm and warmth. As the track progresses more elements come into the fray, the funky bass, the occasional guitar wail and the upbeat, groovy percussion. There is truly so much on offer throughout this track, it’s arguably the band’s most complete and excting release.

As time progresses Jack Swing continues to prove their talents time and time again, yet this track in particular is as full bodied as it gets. Each listen provides something new, or unveils a layer you’d not heard before, it’s incredible musicianship. If the quality of releases remain at this level then Jack Swing are surely going to dominate the airwaves.

Listen to ‘Into The Sun’ here: