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Kieran Webber

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A taste of tongue-in-cheek indie from Joe King and The Jays is exactly what we need right now

The world feels very serious at the moment and it’s hard to breath in the positivity and exhale the good times. Every headline, every news channel, every other social media post has some form of negativity or a new thing to be fearful of. In times like these we turn to the arts as a welcome distraction or a place to find humour, one said band that are bringing both is the Sheffield/Manchester based Joe King and The Jays.

The band have released their latest tongue-in-cheek indie gem called ‘Small Talks’, a comedic swipe at the boring conversations you have on the commute to work, with the mundane co-worker, or at your local coffee place. It’s the pinnacle of British polite society and they highlight our innate politeness, although bubbling rage perfectly.

Musically the track is your classic indie rock track with a hint of pop-punk sprinkled over the top for good measure. The track opens with a simple strike of the guitar whilst the vocals lay down the comedic lyrics, “Hey you how’s the weather” starts the track as it means to go on. All of this comedic value matched with the indie sensibility creates one truly infectious and fun listen.

Listen to ‘Small Talks’ here: