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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Atlanta, USA based troubadour Joe Pope stuns with his beautiful single ‘When The Wind Blows’

Atlanta, USA based artist Joe Pope has come through with the gut wrenching, beautiful, and heartfelt new single ‘When The Wind Blows’. It’s a classic Americana song that has elements of folk and country, it’s a real salt of the earth concoction. The single takes a deep dive into Joe’s reaction to his parents passing and that how sometimes he still feels them in his presence. It’s a truly beautiful concept of a song and one that is lyrically eye-watering.

This beautiful message and honest songwriting is accompanied by a velvety country soundscape that is remiscent of Neil Young. ‘When The Wind Blows’ opens with a beautiful strike of the acoustic guitar, that is quickly backed up with violin, making a gap for his soft, yet commanding vocals to push through. It’s a superbly constructed, there’s no doubt Joe is a master of his craft.

If you’re looking for a song that demands your attention, brings a tear to your eye and makes you hug your family, then this is a must. Truly a glorious composition.

Listen to ‘When The Wind Blows’ here:

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