Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Tutl Records

‘The Reason For Hardcore Vibes (Again)’ is the second album from Faroe Islands punks Joe & The Shitboys. The album is back to basics hardcore punk with each track a white knuckle joyride lasting under two minutes and in most cases under a minute.

Topics covered include egomaniacs in the beautifully titled ‘Manspredator’, homophobia (‘Closeted HomoFObe’) and the self explanatory ‘Personal Space Invader’ which kicks off the eleven minute whirlwind album.

‘The Reason For Hardcore Vibes (Again) is mosh pit and stage dive fuel as each track barrels along in power chords and relentless drums. ‘An Ode To Shitheads’ is a rally cry with a true punk core starting with the call to arms of “don’t tell us what to do! Fuck you!” which you can already feel an entire sweaty pub chanting along to.

Joe & The Shitboys aren’t shy about wearing their views as a badge of honour. While the music may sound as though it was recorded in the prime of hardcore punk in the 80’s, the topics covered are relatable in the modern world with ‘Pull The Trigger’ tackling online trolls and abusers.

Although the album is only eleven minutes long, it packs a punch and gets the band’s ethos across clearly and passionately. With another UK tour looming on the horizon, Joe & The Shitboys are definitely going to be a band that you need to see live if they match even half of the energy of ‘The Reason For Hardcore Vibes (Again)’.

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