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London born but Nashville, USA based artist Johnny Cattini returns with stunning new single ‘Baby I’m Back’

The London born but Nashville, USA based artist Johnny Cattini has returned with his energetic new single ‘Baby I’m Back’. It’s the singer-songwriter’s first release of 2022 and comes through with an infectious confidence. As the singer calmly claims “Baby I’m back, baby. I am right on track lately” a statement that oozes conviction.

‘Baby I’m Back’ opens up with a Joe Walsh-esque guitar that immediately pulls you in, a tone setting beginning. As the guitar dissipates to the backdrop Johnny Cattini‘s breezy vocals wash over the listener, creating a sense of warmth. Lyrically the song challenges the listener to join Cattini on his path to self-love and appreciation. It’s a pleasurable listen that is radiating good vibes and as we emerge from another dark UK winter, it’s the kind of positivity our souls need.

If the track itself wasn’t good enough then the music video will surely sway you, it’s a fun adventure that follows a variety of characters reach their potential. Who doesn’t want to see that!

‘Baby I’m Back’ is just a teaser for Cattini’s forthcoming EP, that is scheduled for release later this year. Do yourself a favour and be sure to listen to the latest single, follow Johnny on all the accepted socials and, more importantly play his music on repeat, a task we beleive you will not struggle with.

Watch/listen to ‘Baby I’m Back’ here: