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Norwegians Jone Lindman and Andreas Grannes team up for stunning new single ‘Letters’

Norway has become a true hub for music in the past decade with a litany of extremely talented artists cascading down the snowy slopes. Two said artists from the rugged country are Jone Lindman and Andreas Grannes, who have teamed up to release their latest single ‘Letters’. It’s a powerful and emotive folk-pop track that boasts their strong vocals and infectious songwriting.

‘Letters’ takes no time in beginning its sonic journey, from the very moment the play button is pressed the hard strikes of the acoustic guitar blow towards the listener like a large blast of arctic wind. Then without a moment’s notice the cogent vocals of Jone Lindman burst through. The momentum doesn’t stop throughout, even during Andreas section, which carries a similar weight but with his vocals leaning towards a more pop-punk twang. The song comes to an abrupt end, almost catching you off guard, but it’s a satisfying finish.

Both of the artists have been trying to start a band with each other for 12-13 years, it’s a damn shame it’s taken this long. What they’ve produced is nothing short of a wildly infectious folk-pop belter, that is surrounded in deep emotion. It’s hard not to be whisked away in their music. Hopefully we’ll see more collaboration from these two very talented Scandinavians.

Listen to ‘Letters’ here: