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Brooklyn based artist Jordan Popky returns with her soulful new single ‘Ego To Feed’

The Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Jordan Popky has just released her first single of 2022, named ‘Ego To Feed’. The song was written with fellow indie artist Ellajay and takes inspiration from the likes of St Vincent and Amy Winehouse.

The track bursts into life with no hesitation, a quick drum roll and the guitars swoop in, creating space for Popky’s confident vocals. As ‘Ego To Feed’ progresses it opens up like an envelope, treating us to a wide sonic array. From the fuzzed out blues guitar to the jazzed infused saxophone and brass section, there is lots to unpack. Thankfully, the track is so pleasurable that you’ll be hitting that repeat button to discover the intricacies hidden away. It’s a real cinematic release that strikes up imagery of a dimly lit jazz or rock club in the 70’s.

Lyrically, the track stands tall and is relatable to everyone. It dives into Jordan Popky‘s frustration with dating apps. Lyrics such as “You don’t know a thing about me, but you might if you just let me speak” ring true. This relatability and openness with her songwriting makes Popky an incredibly alluring artist, and one that we all should be watching with great interest.

Listen to ‘Ego To Feed’ here:

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