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Josephine boasts her mature songwriting skills with recent release ‘Letting You Down’

Josephine is an adventurer at heart. If she isn’t crafting music then she can be found out in the surf taking on overhead waves, getting pitted, or playing shows across the Americas. The laid back attitude that is often found within the surfing community is felt throughout her music. Creating an atmosphere of terminally chill that is delightfully pleasing to the ears and warms the heart.

Recently Josephine shared the mellowed out track ‘Letting You Down’, taken from her now released ‘Paradise,’ EP. The track continues her indie-surf rock inspired sounds with a inwards and somewhat self-deprecating songwriting style. It’s a track that shows great maturity whilst also remaining fun and playful. As mentioned, it’s within Josephine‘s songwriting that she soars as an artist, her music is wholly relatable, lyrics such as “How do I stop overpromising, I let you down again, I am such a shitty friend, got no excuse.” This chorus is incredibly honest, raw, and provides a true insight into the inner world of Josephine as an artist. This sentiment matched with the simple guitar work and stunning vocals makes for a release that boasts Josephine‘s strengths as an artist.

Listen to ‘Letting You Down’ here: