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San Francisco based artist Josh Long dazzles in his latest single ‘Last June’

As the U.K falls into the dark winter abyss of January and February, it’s nice when music comes along that reminds of the warmer months. A time where you feel carefree, alive, and more importantly warm. So it’s no surprise such a track comes from the San Francisco native Josh Long. His latest cut is a sun drenched indie anthem that uses elements of disco and indie pop to create a vibrant listen.

‘Last June’, which is Josh’s first release of 2022 is filled to the brim with upbeat sensibility and is practically oozing with SoCal vibes. The track is lyrically self-reflective, boasting Josh’s songwriting ability. It tells a story of romanticizing a prior relationship or time in someone’s life that has passed and longing to return to that time.

As Josh explains: “‘Last June’ is my love letter to musical and emotional nostalgia. I wanted to further develop my storytelling as a songwriter with this track, and I believe that the lyrical message of reminiscence translates throughout the music as well. The intoxicating Pop and Disco rhythms combined with the sentimental lyrics paints the picture of a hopeless romantic longing for the good old days of a prior relationship”.

Josh Long continues to impress with his first single of 2022 and boasts his ability to craft energetic, groovey, yet self-reflective music. It’s simple song in structure but it is delightfully digestible, which in a world where it often feels complicated, is a relief.

Listen to ‘Last June’ here:

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