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James Mellen
James Mellen

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New York based bedroom-popper JW Francis has released another (and the final) single from upcoming LP ‘Dream House’, out on January 27th via Sunday Best Recordings

‘Going Home To A Party’ is an upbeat, colourful moment from Francis, a track painted with tetchy guitars and glistening synths. The single bobs along happily, the verses blithe, before blasting into an infectious chorus, the lyrics sung at breakneck speed. Its then followed by a plucky guitar motif, a breath of fresh air between the sections. Francis’ laid-back demeanour and smooth vocal delivery, paired with the track’s optimistic and vibrant instrumental, make for listening that is just as comfortable at home as it would be on a dancefloor. His carefree nature culminated in the idea of writing tracks for other people, after offering the service on social media with the caption “If you send me the name of your Valentine, and the reason you love them, I’ll write a song for them on your behalf”. It adds even more sweetness and buoyancy to the already-wondrous tracks released off of ‘Dream House’ so far.

Accompanied by a reference-filled video which is just as much fun as the track, JW Francis’ upcoming record is sure to be one of the most joyous indie releases of 2023. 

Watch/listen to ‘Going Home To A Party’ here: