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George Ward
George Ward

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Songwriter, producer and filmmaker Kai Kwasi returns with a gorgeously atmospheric new single, ‘Jugular

After touring with Joy Crookes in the last year and preparing for his debut EP, ‘Jalilah‘, Kai Kwasi seems to have it all. His vocals are dreamy, his bars laid-back, his production simple but interesting and his music videos perfectly fitting with his sound. 

‘Jugular’ is no exception. Its atmosphere immediately surrounds you. Kai’s vocals, reverb-drenched and laid-back are warm and soothing, while the lyrics tackle isolation and internal struggles. The first verse and chorus are softy sung, while the second verse is smoothly rapped.

Instrumentally, the track is deceptively interesting. On first listen, you might only notice the simple repeated acoustic guitar line, but listen again and you’ll notice the layers of effects and occasional glitchy sounds that come together to build the atmosphere of the track. 

The music video compliments the simple yet gorgeous production, with glitchy lo-fi visuals of Kai in empty spaces. With Kai acting as songwriter, performer and producer as well as director and editor of the music video, he proves that he really can do it all. 

Kai Kwasi’s debut EP, ‘Jalilah’ will be released this November via Play It Again Sam.

Listen to ‘Jugular’ here: