Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Alcopop! Records

Assembly is the debut EP from Brighton seven piece KEG, the newest signees to Alcopop! Records.

The energy is immediate as ‘Presidential Walk’ stride in with crisp intense drums, frenetic bass and guitars that are on one side rhythmically picking and the other side affording the track an uneasy edge with it’s frantic style. ‘Breaking Rocks’ sees KEG land somewhere between Gang Of Four and Talking Heads with it’s off kilter guitar and a rhythm that’ll force your head to bounce along. The energy picks back up again as the drums race in followed by dissonant guitar plucking and playful bass. ‘Farmhands’ lands somewhere between disco and post rock with the brass and keys becoming more prominent and the guitars just a little more open.

After the song fades out slightly to let you catch your breath, each member comes back into the fold one by one and builds the track until the only course of action is to find the nearest dance floor. ‘Kilham’ rounds out the EP and sees KEG explore yet another sound as the almost out of tune guitar plays around over an almost indie track that grows to a mass singalong to bring ‘Assembly’ to a close.

For a debut EP, ‘Assembly’ will grab your attention and won’t let go. You can hear influences laced through the EP but it is by no means a copy. KEG have just announced themselves as a band that demand to be watched. The only negative is that there’s only five tracks to listen to on repeat!

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