Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

‘Love + The City Pt.1’ is the debut EP from London duo Beau Blaise and Alex Harvey or, as they’re better known, KIDS. With a sound that hits like a fresh summer day in the city, Kids channel the type of modern indie that Jamie T has found his foothold in but add their own twist to it.

An ode to their loves, ‘Alcohol & Cigarettes’ has that Beck-like indie hip-hop bounce to it with twanging acoustic guitar lending it a quirky edge. When the chorus hits it feels like a cooling breeze with lyrics that will resonate with those that partake in the titular vices.

Other than professing their love to booze and cigarettes, KIDS know how to pen a love song that sounds genuine and relatable. In ‘Settle Down’ when they talk of the “dumb smile across my face because I’m panicking but she’s smiling,” it feels real and you can’t help but feel happy for him.

Of course the music helps. Each track comes packing sunshine with gentle hip-hop beats and acoustic guitar playing nothing but positivity and good vibes for days. Though on the face of it it feels like an EP of love, KIDS want you to scratch a bit deeper.

Of opener ‘Worthy’ they say: “It talks about the self-destructive side of dating without an end goal – not being ready to commit and in the process hurting yourself and others around you”.

In ‘Love + The City, Pt.1’, KIDS have started their musical career on a high note. With a sure footed EP that will have you falling for them, KIDS have announced themselves onto the scene in grand style.

‘Love + The City, Pt. 1’ is out now via Scruff of the Neck Records.

Listen to the EP here: