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Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

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Oakland singer/songwriter King Isis drops new single ‘In My Ways’, an uplifting and heavy indie banger exploring bad habits

Following the release of her DIY debut ‘4leaf clover‘ late last year, King Isis has recently shared her newest single ‘in my ways’. The track is dedicated to the unanimously relatable cycle of being stuck in the firm grips of your own bad habits “wilfully ignoring shadows”. Instead of biting, ‘in my ways’ re-contextualises the negativity of the situation, taking a positively upbeat stance, which sinks far deeper than dwelling on the surface emotion. “It’s ok cuz we’re dancing,” comments King Isis.

Born and bred in the cultural hotspot of Oakland, CA, King Isis is quickly becoming known for their ability to flawlessly fuse genres, a skill perfectly demonstrated in the new single. We are welcomed in with a distinctively tinny guitar strum. With each strum, the delicate intro fades and we begin to embrace the echo of a far deeper bass. From here we are quickly introduced to an energetic drum beat and lyrics “I’m still afraid” in King Isis’ distinctively effortless voice.

The initial blend of pop and indie genres continues to diversify as the single builds into an instrumentally grungy anthem. King Isis’s voice, however, remains consistently effortless throughout. This effortlessness likely comes from years of Isis turning the feeling of insecurity that came with growing up immersed in a high-income white-dominated society into a musical escape.

Through their music, King Isis will forever have a powerful ability to transport their audience to an alternative paradise of sanctuary – a gift few can give. 

Listen to ‘in my ways’ here:

Out now via Dirty Hit.