Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Velveteen Records

‘Ocean View’ is the latest EP from Dutch trip Klangstof and it comes as they prepare their third album which they’ve also recorded in what proved to be a very fruitful 2022 for the band. ‘Ocean View’ opens with the title track and it’s warmth is evident from the outset. The hip hop style beat lays the foundation for sumptuous layers of sound and softly plucked guitar. While ‘Ocean View’ is as laid back as they come, there’s also a drive behind it that pushes it forward. Vocalist Koen Van De Wardt’s vocals float over the top to create a beautiful soundscape that will mesmerise you.

The drums on ‘Fools Rage’ take a more lo-fi approach in the beginning with the guitar picking still floating around your head. When the drums kick in though, you can feel the track surround you.

‘Silver Cloud’ is a little more insistent, going the electro pop route while still maintaining that laid back flow that Klangstof excels in. When the chorus crashes in, it feels like a wave crashing over you before they peel it back for the simplistic verse.

The ‘Ocean View’ EP feels like a musical hot water bottle. Each track is filled with velvety layers and beautiful moments. At times laid back and at times driving, Klangstof still maintains that drowsy, sunny vibe throughout the EP. If this is just a taster of what we can expect from Klangstof’s third album then it cannot come soon enough.

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