Portland based band Koalra return with the mammoth new single ‘Everything We Had’

The Portland based band Koalra have been blending and moulding genres throughout their musical career. Grabbing elements from post-punk, psych, Kraut Rock, and noise rock to name just a few, pouring them into a blender and creating a true sonic mashup. Their previous releases such as their self-titled 2019 release saw the band delve into the noise rock world, whilst follow up EP ‘Surprise Lights’ offered a cleaner, more hopeful sound.

It’s an impressive thing to be able to sway through genres in such a manner and Koalra are clear masters of this ability. Especially as we dive into 2022 and their mammoth new single ‘Everything We Had’, taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘The fires burned everything we had. When the dust settles, They will do itĀ again.’ Which sees the band lean heavily into the conceptualisation of “the
unease and foreboding sense as to where the whole world is headed.”

‘Everything We Had’ comes in at an impressive 10 minute mark (just over) and is oozing in pulsing riffs, hypnotic percussion, and whirling synths. All the while the Faris Badwan inspired vocals breeze through the pounding soundscape. This is truly kraut-rock at it’s purest and finest. Impressively the track does not let up throughout the entire duration, boasting the bands’ musicianship.

Listen to ‘Everything We Had’ here:

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