L.A. Peach, a london based quartet have released their second single from their new EP ‘Power Trip‘ a song described by lead singer John James Davies as being about “Creepy power hungry men”. A song with a strong nod to the 80’s both musically and aesthetically. 

The song starts off bold with a synth line made for those who have clearly come to party. With a somewhat sultry vocal delivery reminiscent of Simon Le Bon, the band take us on a trip through a night in a bar, the lyrics are very tongue in cheek and provide a lot of dry humour. An instrumental section towards the end gives the opportunity for a very on brand sax solo. The lead guitar line on the final chorus helps solidify this as a stellar homage to an iconic time.

The band have managed to create a song that captures lots of campy fun whilst giving us a character we love to hate. A bit of nostalgia with a sprinkle of modern flair, you’re going to want this on at your next party.

Listen to ‘Power Trip’ here:

If you like what you hear then you can check out their new EP ‘Welcome To L.A Peach’.

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