Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

Welcome to L.A. Peach’ is the first EP from London lounge connoisseurs L.A. Peach. In ‘Welcome To L.A. Peach’, L.A. Peach adopt the guise of an 80’s trashy lounge pop band with their laid back sound, smooth guitar sound and even smoother vocal style.

‘Power Trip’ comes in with 80’s synth and that sleazy lounge sound that will come to embody ‘Welcome To L.A. Peach’. You can practically smell the cheap aftershave as vocalist John James Davies sings from the view of a bartender on a titular power trip.

On ‘Amateur’, vocalist/ saxophonist Olivia K. Woods takes more of a role and adds her beautiful tone to layer over Davies’ smooth vocals.

The music itself could soundtrack sitting at an outside bar with the breeze running through your straw hat. Bouncing drums lie underneath wistful guitar and soft keyboard to rely on subtlety rather than being in your face. ‘Bottomless Brunch’ has one foot in 50’s doo wop sound and the other in jazz lounge with the saxophone coming in after the middle eight to bring this love song home.

‘Forever Don’t Sound Long’ brings Welcome To L.A. Peach’ to a close with a slightly more somber tone with a lyrically stark opening. Musically it is a lot softer and more wistful than the rest of the EP which compliments the lyrical content. Frontman Davies said of L.A. Peach: “After many years of exploring and experimenting with new and interesting sounds, we decided to sack all that off and make an 80s pop record” and that is exactly what they’ve done.

‘Welcome to L.A. Peach’ practically wreaks of cheap perfume and stale cigarettes but like the crooners of the basement clubs it’s hinting towards, it is devilishly smooth.

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