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Scandinavia’s La Sante returns with mellowed new single ‘Something Is Happening’

Coming from the snow tipped mountains of Scandinavia is the every dreamy sounds of La Sante, forwarded by Nikki Nyberg of Honeymilk. After a string of successful singles in 2020, La Sante now returns, two years later with the transcendent new single ‘Something Is Happening’.

‘Something Is Happening’ starts with a dreamlike guitar that cements the ethereal sound that is ever present throughout. As the this fades out the mellowed vocals of La Sante breeze through like a calm wind, tickling the listeners ear. The mellowed vibe starts to build towards the chorus, where the guitar takes lead again. All these elements fuse together to make a true psychedelic cocktail that is bursting with colours. This chilled-out sound allows the listener to sit back in reflection in a wonderful fashion, it’s the perfect post beach day anthem. The sun’s kiss still heating up your skin whilst you reminisce about the day just gone. It’s a simply beautiful release that boasts La Sante‘ growth.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for La Sante‘ next release, in the meantime though, we’ll be enjoying ‘Something Is Happening’ in the sun.

Listen to ‘Something Is Happening’ here:

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