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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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American alt-pop artist Laken Lambson boasts her honest and personal songwriting in new single ‘Bored’

American artist Laken Lambson is a recently birthed project that is bringing a fresh new perspective to alt-pop. Although it’s familiar in sound the songwriting stands out from the rest, tackling important yet deeply personal subjects such as mental health and self care.

Her latest single ‘Bored’ encapsulates all that makes Laken so interesting. It dives deep into the mentality of staying occupied or constantly busy simply to avoid being alone with your thoughts, a subject that almost every Gen Z and millennial can relate too. The reliability is something that laken has tapped into magically with her latest release ‘Bored’, and is a track that spans borders.

This poignent and honest message is delivered in a bubbly pop package that is complemented by Laken’s blasè vocals. As the track progresses you are taken further into her world and it becomes clearer that Laken is holding your hand and guiding you through. It’s masterful display of songwriting and delivery.

Listen to ‘Bored’ here:

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