Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Virgin Records

‘Garageband Superstar’ is the hotly anticipated debut album from fast rising garage pop icon in the making, Lauran Hibberd.

The confidence on display in this record is hard to ignore as tracks such as ‘Step Mum’ erupt from the speaker in a flurry of Americana inspired pop fury. Sounding like an ode to the lost era of classic MTV 2, ‘Garageband Superstar’ features guest slots from Brendan B. Brown of Wheatus fame on the title track to the album and DJ Lethal of House of Pain/ Limp Bizkit on previous single ‘Still Running (5k)’. The latter track is a prime example of Lauran’s self-deprecating yet endearing lyrics with the chorus of “All my friends got paid today, they’re all sipping champagne with their fiancé, I’m still running the same 5k” ruminating on being stuck in a rut.

‘Hot Boys’ is a tongue in cheek summer anthem leaning heavily on pop ideals with the grunge guitars still in attendance. ‘I’m Insecure’ is a hands in the air, singalong anthem for the slacker generation with guitars looming large over the beautifully flower pop backing.

Throughout ‘Garageband Superstar’, Lauran Hibberd has created a sound that is reminiscent of Weezer in the socially awkward, slacker pop filled with anthems and killer hooks.

While it is a sound that is familiar, it feels unique to Lauran, like she’s laid out her personality in music form with subtle nods to late 90’s/ early 00’s music. They are only nods however so the music never gets bogged down in the past, rather Lauran Hibberd has just created a beautifully flowery world that sounds very much like the now. In short, welcome Lauran Hibberd, your new icon.